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Frequently asked questions

What are Blaze Packs made of?
How fast does the
Blaze Pack light?
What size flame does Blaze Packs produce?
Can I light the Blaze Pack with a magnesium striker?
Can I use A-Blaze in my fireplace or wood burning stove?
Is A-Blaze dangerous? Could it explode?
Are Blaze Packs safe to cook with?  Will it boil water?
How do I light charcoal briquettes using a charcoal chimney?
How do I light charcoal briquettes using a Weber or Charbroil grill?
Does A-Blaze work if it gets wet?
Does the Blaze Pack work in the wind or will it blow out?
Does the Blaze Pack have an odor?
If my fire is going out can I add more Blaze Packs?
What is the best way to store A-Blaze
Blaze Packs?